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What’s In House?

St. Paul Fish Company is Wisconsin’s best fish house with everything from Atlantic Salmon, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Chilean Seabass, along with a wide variety of fresh oysters, mussels, and clams. We also have an full service restaurant and bar for customers to enjoy fresh soups, sandwiches, and other items on our daily retail menu.

These are just some of the products we carry, and the selection changes hourly. Please call ahead to check specific availabilities and prices.

Information on Great-Tasting Fish

We offer fresh and frozen seafood from suppliers all over the world and our seafood is flown in DAILY (literally). What this means is our selection of top-notch seafood is unmatched… both in quality and variety.

Shrimp, Grouper, Halibut Fillets, Swordfish Steaks, Tuna Steaks, Stone Crab Claws (in season), Tilapia, Snapper, Scallops, King Crab, Live Lobsters, Lobster Tails, Walleye, Salmon, Oysters, Clams, Mussels, Smoked Fish, Crab Claw Meat, Lox… the list goes on and on.

Don’t see what your looking for? Can’t find the exact species you’re looking for anywhere? Call us. We can help.


Ever wonder about some of the fish you see in the case? Below you can find out more about our most popular fish species.

This is the most popular fresh fish in Wisconsin. Farmed raised and affordable, Atlantic Slamon is a perfect menu item. It is sold in various ways: whole, filleted, and in steak portions. Whole fish run between 8 and 10 lbs. and fillets run 3 to 4 lbs. each. All of St. Paul Fish Company’s Atlantic Salmon is hand-cut to order, NOT imported from Chile in pre-fillet form. Our salmon quality is much better than you are likely to find elsewhere.

Farm raised organically in British Columbia these fish are becoming more and more popular as people are more concerned with eating organic foods.

All of our Tuna are 2+ which means they have excellent red colored flesh but are not quite sushi grade (although many restaurants serve this fish raw or barely cooked). All of our tuna is brought in whole and hand-cut to order. Also known as Ahi these warm water fish can be found all around the world, and are available year round. Whole fish typically range in size between 40# and 110#. Loins are around 10# each.

In season, starting this year on March 10th and running through October, halibut is one of the most popular fish in America. Its beautiful moist, white flesh is incredible. Pacific Halibut is caught from Oregon north with most of the catch coming in from Alaska. All of our halibut is brought in whole and cut to order.

Over the last 12 years tilapia has become one of the most popular fish in America. Since it is farm raised its available year round, which makes it a perfect candidate for full time menu inclusion. St. Paul Fish Co. sells only “naturally raised”, hormone free tilapia. Priced right, tilapia is a great seller and is available in 5-7 oz. and 7-9 oz. fillets.

A perennial American favorite, swordfish was born to grill. St. Paul Fish brings swordfish in whole and cuts loins to order. We try when possible to buy domestic swordfish as the U.S. swordfish population is very healthy. Whole swordfish run from 40-110# and loins are approximately 10-15#. Portions are available in 4, 6, and 8 oz.

The most popular fish in Florida, grouper is well known and well liked throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. St. Paul Fish Co. cuts fillets from whole fish to order. Grouper is available whole and in fillets. Typical fillet size is 2-3#. Grouper portions are not available.

We handle different types of snapper depending on cost and availability. Most commonly American red snapper, Lane snapper and yellowtail. Snapper is available in whole & fillet.

Mahimahi, also known as dolphin or dorado, is one of the most popular of all the “exotics”. Price for this global warm water fish fluctuates wildly with availability, with selling prices of between $4.95 and $8.95/lb. Mahimahi’s sweet mild white fillets run between 3 and 10# each. Portions can be cut in 4,6, and 8oz. sizes.

Also known as Patagonian Toothfish, Chilean Seabass has been popular for years, but overfishing and pirating has hurt its availability and increased its price.

Alaskan true cod is the same species as Atlantic cod, but from a much healthier fishery. Available most of the year this is an excellent fish. Fillets average 2-3#.

Catfish is a favorite for everything from a catfish fish fry to a po-boy sandwich. Farmed in the South, this fresh water fish comes in 7-9 oz. fillets.

A fish fry tradition but expensive, fresh lake perch is an excellent eating fish. Perch will be available in fillet form only. Reps can request large or medium fillets.

A Wisconsin favorite walleye fillets are typically 6-10 oz. although at certain times of the year larger fillets will be available.

There are two types of sea scallops, wet pack and dry pack. Wet pack scallops are washed, soaked, and treated for better size, color, and shelf life. Dry Pack Scallops are packed right out of the shell and are far superior. We only sell dry pack scallops

  • 20-30 Seas Dry Pack
  • 10-20 Seas Dry Pack
  • U-10 Seas Dry Pack

Our bay scallops are 70-90 per lb dry packs and come from the Sea of Cortez in Baja Mexico.

We handle Metompkin brand pasteurized blue crab meat. Excellent label, available in 1# cans.

Clawmeat– darker meat from the claw. Excellent taste and price.Lump – large white lumps of meat from the body of the crab.

Special– smaller white meat from the body.Jumbo Lump – the largest of the lump from the biggest crabs.
Backfin – mixture of larger lumps and special meat.

Farm raised in Idaho our rainbows are an excellent product. 8-10 oz. “clearcut” fillets are headless and boneless butterfly cut trout.

Think rainbow trout cut in individual sides with very red flesh, and a beautiful golden skin. Very similar in flavor to a rainbow, but much prettier.

Blue Marlin loins are available in the spring through the fall and are an excellent grilling fish with great value. Similar to swordfish, these fish are large, between 100-200# so are sold in loin form. An average loin is approximately 10#.

Steve Irwin’s favorite fish, skate wing is also a favorite with the French. Delicate flesh defines these 4-8 ounce fillets. All the skate is cut by St. Paul Fish Co. to order. Availabily is year round.

Also known as Wahoo or Peto ono is the largest member of the mackerel family weighing between 10-30# per fish. Sweet delicate white meat, “ono” means “tasty” in Hawaiian.

Classic French Chefs love this fish. Known as “poor mans lobster”, monkfish has the texture of lobster or scallops. Tails are filleted to order and range from 4-16 oz. typically.

A Salmonoid like all trout and salmon, this fish is becoming very popular. Farmed in the cold pristine waters of Iceland, we bring charr in whole and fillet, averaging between 1-2#, are cut to order.

A staple in Wisconsin, whitefish is available in 10-12 oz. PBO fillet form.

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