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Lobster Boils on the Beach

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A traditinal New England Lobster boil utilizes a fire with hot rocks, in a big whole with seaweed and a tarp to steam whole lobsters, clams, mussels and potato’s and corn. Since lobsters are no longer shipped with seaweed and the whole process is a bit of a pain we have another suggestion.

1st – Go to your local restaurant supply house and purchase a lobster pot with an insert (See Picture).

2nd – Go to St Paul Fish Company purchase some whole live lobsters, Manilla clams and mussels. Next purchase some poatatoes, onions and corn and clean and size appropriately for service (See Above).

3rd – Find a beach with some rocks that will be able to balance a the pot when full of water or bring an old grate to extend over a fire.

4th – Build a fire in the center of the rocks place pot over the fire and bring to a boil. Season water with store bought, lobster, clam and/or seafood bases.

5th – Gather friends and poach clams and mussels seperately and eat as appetizers. Next poach off the onions, potatoes and corn seperately and hold hot in some of the liquid.

6th – Finally, poach the lobsters until bright red and cooked through. Plate with poataoes and vegetable and serve. Cooking liquid can be reserved for a soup or discarded on the beach.

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