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Grilled North American Lobster Tails

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1 cup butter softened

Chop 12 sprigs, parsley leaves, 12 sprigs chervil leaves, 5 sprigs tarragon leaves, 1.5 T chives, juice of ½ large lemon, fresh ground pepper
Pulse herbs and butter in food processor until lighly mixed still leaving the leaves intact as much as possible.

Lobsters and this point can be par boiled for about 2 minutes or just steeped them and then cooled or skip the process and just grill with a raw product from the beginning. Next lobsters (raw or par-cooked) should be split and rinced removing any product other than the white fleshy meat (see below). Crack the claws with out exposing the flesh. Place the lobsters flesh side up and smear butter mixture over the meat. Place lobster over medium to high heat on the grill and baste the lobsters as they cook. When the meat is firm, they are done. Serve immediately with more melted butter misture.

Sac – The sac, or stomach, of a lobster can be filled with bones, digestive juices Tomalley-Ucleaned and shell particles. While not harmful to eat, it may be undesirable to many people Lobster to eat particles and bone within their soft lobster meat. The stomach’s digestive juices have an undesirable flavor, but do not cause harm if eaten.

Tomalley – The tomalley, or liver, of the lobster is a part of the lobster that some people eat, it also turns off many others. It is green and gooey green and part of the pancreatic system helps to filter and prevent contaminants and toxins from entering the lobster’s system, which makes some people think the toxins stay in the tomalley and are then transferred to the person eating the tomalley. On the east coast the tomalley is considered a delicacy by many.
Intestine – The black vein that runs through the tail of a lobster is a part of the digestive system. It is the lobster’s intestine. While it is not poisonous and will not cause harm to the eater, it does not taste very good to most palettes.

Roe – Roe are the unfertilized eggs in a female lobster. They look red, and are Lobster Roe often called coral. In some countries, roe are considered delicacies — in the same class as caviar. Many people are not fond of eating the eggs and find the taste rather unpleasant.

Some recipes call for using the tomalley and roe to be mixed in a stuffing and reinserted back to the lobster cavity then baked – here we do not.

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